Sunday, February 13, 2011

"Old-Fashioned" Letter Writing

When is the last time you actually wrote a letter? Not an e-mail. An actual handwritten pen to paper letter?
This has truly become a lost but not forgotten art. I love writing letters and getting that special letter (just for me) in the mail(snail mail, that is).I have really never gotten on with this whole e-mail thing.Oh, and don't even get me started with texting! It all seems so impersonal to me. You can save letters forever and get them out again and again and read them through the years. My husband wrote me letters over 21 years ago when he was at Navy boot camp and I love reading those over and over.Who doesn't love getting mail(especially meaningful mail)? I loved it as a child and I love it now.My mom sends cards to our kids for the holidays and they just beam with delight. The 1 year old all the way to the 18 year old!Everyone loves to get a letter.Let me suggest some special people that you could write to today:
Your mom and dad,your children, your grandparents,your favorite aunt/uncle,those special nieces and nephews
How about an elderly friend? A special person who has been an inspiration to you.
Your pastor. The babysitter/caregiver. A special teacher(Yours or your child's).
Just a few to get you started.
Some things that you could add to make your letter special:
calligraphy,pretty colored ink, a handmade card or stationary,perfumed paper
Some tuck-ins you could  add:
small pins
mail art
Just a few. I am sure the possibilities are endless!
Here are some letter writing themed movies I'd like to recommend:
Hallmark's The Love Letter
The Lake House
The Shop Around the Corner
Some letter writing blogs I'd like to share for inspiration:

Go and get some pretty paper and a lovely pen and get inspired today!

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  1. Thanks for listing me in your inspiration list.